Innovative Dietary Supplement Design since 1986
Lee R. Dreyer, BA, MH, President and head of R & D for Nutrition Research, Inc. (NRI) has researched and developed (or improved upon) many hundreds of natural products such as dietary supplements, natural OTC drugs, homeopathic drugs, functional foods, etc. for hundreds of clients worldwide since 1986.   Lee has also obtained several U.S. and international natural drug patents on several continents.  NRI specializes in turnkey new product development, and/or can help you solve existing product problems.   

      Services include:  

  • Suggesting a direction for a state-of-the-art new product.
  • Doing R & D and consultation on that product to make it unique and best in its category.
  • Writing FDA compliant brochure copy, and design of labels and literature.
  • Creating product names, logos, and trademarks.
  • Working with an FDA & FTC specialist attorney who reviews and approves products, literature, and websites to insure federal and state regulatory compliance.
  • Working with graphic artist and printers
  • Sourcing best quality raw materials.
  • Selecting and working with quality manufacturers.
  • Reviewing third party laboratory analysis.
  • Verify and help client obtain both client, vendor, and manufacturer liability insurance.
  • Developing patentable concepts and working with Washington, DC, China, and other international patent attorneys for patent pendings and possible patents. 

                                          "Formulator to the Formulators"

Consultants to the natural product industry frequently refer to Lee Dreyer as the "Formulator to the Formulators" because we are so often hired by other formulators or manufacturers to complete or solve their difficult product problems, formulation problems, manufacturing problems---or design products or entire product lines for which their company can take the credit.  NRI has an enviable record in which we have never failed at a project nor had a recall or regulatory problems.  If we take the project on, it gets done in a state-of-the-art manner.  We don't do "me too" products, or copy other products or "knock-off" other products---what we create is original, new, and exciting natural dietary supplements and natural OTC drugs---and at a low manufacturer's price allowing great markups of up to 10 to 1, or more.
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